We’re excited about creating our future

This is the year that’s seen us open in new markets, achieve solid sales and take the first steps on our transformation journey to become more accessible, convenient and people and planet positive. We’re in an exciting moment!

It’s been a year of successes and challenges. Now it’s time to build on 75 years in the business of home furnishing and our deep knowledge of life at home, retail and logistics, to welcome the future’s challenges and opportunities. This pairs with doing our part to address climate change and become people and planet positive. We’ve supported people to realise their dreams and needs at home, but in reality, we’ve only just begun our journey.

We live in fast-changing times. We know the world’s population is growing and more people will move to big cities. This creates a big need for better small-space solutions. We’re seeing changes in people’s attitudes towards consumption – that they want to save both money and time. This means they’re more demanding of us, and rightly so. We want to be there for them, because few can offer the inspiring customer experience that we do. Few can deliver a sofa the same day, or next. And few can offer a well-designed range of such value for money.

Our vision remains, always, to create a better everyday life for the many people. So, after many good years in kitchens and bedrooms, we’ve boosted our offer in living rooms with more comfortable, lower priced sofas and fresh solutions for organising and storage. In all our markets – including India, where we embarked on a new adventure by opening a store in Hyderabad – our IKEA stores are reflecting this new, modern approach.

Climate change is no longer a distant threat, but a visible reality, affecting the lives of many millions of people around the world. Disruption caused by climate change – already affecting our business today – will continue to increase business costs and harm the health and wellbeing of our customers and co-workers everywhere, undermining the foundations of our success.

We want to lead change in the critical topics facing society. We do this to live up to our vision and contribute to the safeguarding of communities and ecosystems that sustain our business. In 2018, we have taken the first steps in contributing to the IKEA ambition to become climate positive by 2030 and fulfilling our commitment to the Paris Agreement.

Our goals are ambitious, but we know that challenges can become opportunities and lead to amazing innovations. They will challenge us to work in new ways, and will drive innovation and renewal in our business. Good intentions are important. Words give them power. But to spark real change, it’s action that speaks loudest of all.

Now there are more invitations to discover IKEA, with Ingka Centres creating shopping centres that are even better experiences for a great day out for the whole family.

We’re fast-tracking what we know and are developing new opportunities, as Ingka Investments ensures the financial stability of our company – just as we did this year with the acquisition of TaskRabbit.

But still, the most important focus for us are our stores, which will be digitally enriched festivals of inspiration, offering food and interaction with our many knowledgeable, enthusiastic home furnishing coworkers.

Democratic Design continues to be what makes IKEA unique. Every IKEA product is designed to match a challenging-but-important formula that optimises form, function, quality and sustainability at a low price. Because, combined with our knowledge of life at home, our range is how we make people’s everyday life better.

Our plan: 10 jobs in three years. We’ve ignited the biggest transformation of our business in modern times. With our existing and new store formats, more delivery options, assembly and installation services and unique digital solutions, we’re becoming more accessible to people wherever they are, whenever they want. This journey is also about being more affordable and more sustainable, because it’s by transforming in all these ways that we’ll meet the needs of the many people.

We’re led by a people movement! We believe in the nearly-160,000 talented people in Ingka Group and our future holds more opportunities to create even better places to work and develop. We also believe in our customers, and listening to and learning from them shows us the trends and shifts that lie ahead of us.

Our values are at the heart of what we do. Simplicity, cost consciousness, entrepreneurship and togetherness are important to us. With humbleness, we want to lead by example and contribute to a better tomorrow for our customers, our business and ourselves.

Most things remain to be done. There’s so much potential, and that’s what I’m excited about. Because the future we face is a glorious one.

Jesper Brodin
President and CEO, Ingka Group