Positive climate ambition

In Portugal, we are making a strong contribution towards the IKEA ambition to be climate positive. Through a number of different initiatives, we’re saving energy and water, generating renewable energy and supporting zero emissions travel.

Lightbulb + skylight

In all five IKEA retail stores in Portugal, we installed even more efficient LED bulbs which use 25% less electricity than the previous LED bulbs. Lower costs, lower energy consumption, and better for the planet.

We’ve also installed skylights and smoke hatches which can be used to cool our stores overnight. This halves the energy used for store ventilation at night.

Solar panels

Almost all electricity generated by
our solar panels is consumed directly in stores, cutting electricity costs by 25% each year with no greenhouse gas emissions. We have 11,300 panels installed on IKEA stores in Portugal.

Wind Farm

Our wind turbines in Portugal generate more renewable electricity than we consume in our IKEA stores and Ingka Centres meeting places.

EV Chargers

IKEA stores in Portugal provide 16 charging points which can power 32 electric vehicles at once, helping co-workers and customers travel to us in a more sustainable way.

Water tap

By installing water taps with efficient nozzles and sensors in our IKEA stores, we estimate that we have reduced water consumption by 60% compared to previous taps. And this also means we are saving on energy needed to heat it up.

Renweable heating and cooling

Air source heat pumps provide renewable heating and cooling to our IKEA stores, which reduces local pollution and means we are less dependent on fossil fuels.