Healthy and sustainable living

The Ingka Group ambition is to inspire and enable one billion people to live better lives within the limits of our planet. We want to show that living more sustainably makes life better and that it’s possible to take simple and affordable steps that make a real difference.

In FY18, we:

• Asked 14,000 people what they think about climate change to help us inspire more everyday climate action

• Sold products worth EUR 2.1 billion that enable customers to save water and energy and reduce waste

• Increased the number of home solar customers by 230%

Promoting circular consumption

People’s attitudes to their possessions are changing. They have less space and more knowledge about the impacts of consumption on the planet. We’re developing new business models that meet their needs in circular ways.

We’re also trialling different approaches to help customers repair, reuse and recycle, and to give products a second
life through reselling. IKEA Retail Japan, for example, offers a buy-back service for IKEA furniture that’s still in good condition but no longer needed. Customers can exchange their unwanted furniture for a voucher to spend in store. The furniture is then refurbished and sold at a reduced rate to a new customer. Over 3,400 items were sold back to IKEA Retail Japan during FY18. A buy-back scheme specifically for new parents, which enabled them to buy baby furniture with a set buy-back price, was launched in June 2018. Many other markets, including Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland tested similar buy-back schemes during FY18.

Healthier and more sustainable food

IKEA wants to help customers make sustainable and healthy food choices – from sustainably sourced ingredients, to more meat-free options and locally grown produce. We aim to give our customers good information and promote the benefits of food that tastes great and is better for the planet too.

In FY18, nearly two thirds of the food sold and served in our IKEA stores was sourced by Ingka Group, mainly from local suppliers in each country. This allows us to cater for local tastes, reduce food miles and source the freshest produce at affordable prices. The remainder – more than one third of the food products we offer – were sourced by Inter IKEA Group including products sold in our IKEA Restaurants, Bistros and Swedish Food Markets.

During FY18 we developed a sustainability roadmap for our locally purchased food. It will help us work with suppliers to apply our standards in areas such as animal welfare, responsible sourcing of palm oil and soy, sustainable packaging, traceability and food safety. We also introduced a new monitoring process to help us track progress.

Eating less meat can be good for our health. It’s better for the planet too because meat production is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. We’re developing new recipes that replace meat with plant- based proteins, read more here.

We tested small-scale urban farms in three of our locations in FY18 in Sweden, Switzerland and Spain, producing our
own salad greens and herbs. These units enable us to grow vegetables indoors in a small space with a low environmental footprint. There are no emissions from transporting the food, we use less water and no pesticides, and less food is wasted as we only grow what we need. Because the food is used straight away, it is fresher and has a better nutritional content. We’ll be rolling urban farms out to more of our locations in FY19.

Ingka Centres also partners with tenants to promote sustainable food to customers through events and festivals. In FY18 we opened farmers’ markets selling locally sourced food in five shopping centres in Russia and we plan to expand this in FY19.