Fair and inclusive

At Ingka Group, we are committed to being an inclusive business. This means to grow our business by providing opportunities for the many and contributing to positive change in the communities where we are present.

Our ambition for 2030 is to improve the well-being of millions of people by becoming a truly inclusive and people-centred company and employer. In this way, Ingka Group can actively contribute to the wider IKEA ambition to play its part in creating a fairer and more equal society.

We’re focusing on providing and supporting decent and meaningful employment for our co-workers and people in our supply chain. We’re helping people far away from the labour market to improve their employment skills, and we’re creating income opportunities for vulnerable people by integrating social entrepreneurs in our supply chain. And we’re co-creating sustainable, child-friendly and connected neighbourhoods and cities by working with relevant partners to tackle societal challenges.

In FY18, we:

  • Continued partnerships with 58 social entrepreneurs and social businesses across 14 countries
  • Supported refugees in 11 countries to improve their skills through work experience at our IKEA stores or locations
  • Invested EUR 11.6 million in community engagement projects across IKEA Retail and Ingka Centres